Do you want to work as a ninja? Or IT engneer? Or English teacher?
In recent years, it seems that more Japanese companies are wanting to hire international talented persons.I am managing a company in Japan.In the future I would like to hire many foreigners.Therefore, I would be happy if many foreigners like you would be interested in working in Japan.
This time I picked up a few good websites that'll help make your Japanese job search smoothly.What kind of jobs are available for foreigners to work in Japan?If you are interested in that, please read it.

1. TOP3 Jobs Sites in Japan

1. Jobs In Japan

Foreign job recruitment site established by American James Gibbs. At job recruitment sites for foreigners, standard English teachers, IT-related work as well as entertainment related work are substantial.
By using this site you will find jobs such as sports coaches and outdoor guides that you can not find on other sites.Weekly, Jobs in Japan is taking noteworthy job offerings, so I encourage you to check.
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2. GaijinPot Jobs

Introduces work in a wide range of fields and introduces part-time jobs as well as full-time jobs. More than 550,000 people on the Facebook page are doing good. The jobs listed on GaijinPot tend to mostly be teaching jobs, although you'll find some interesting listings in other fields too.
A lot of work that does not matter even if you can not speak Japanese is introduced.And many jobs that can be applied from abroad are also included.

3. NIPPON仕事.com

Since 2009, the management company of this site has conducted recruitment and dispatching for foreigners at hotels, ryokan etc. throughout the country, and has over 50 years of experience in recruiting more than 500 people.
Many of the work in the Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama areas are featured on this site.And the management company of this site also operates a site dedicated to part-time job at a resort town, so if you are interested in work at the resort town,I recommend you to check this site.

WeXpats Jobs

WeXpats Jobs
This site offers you over 20,000 jobs in 11 languages.You can search for jobs that foreigners can apply for based on conditions such as work location, employment type, and Japanese level.

Jobs Site in Japan for Japanese speaker

If you are a person who can speak Japanese, I also recommend this site to you.
This is the largest site in Japan specializing in recruiting foreigners.Not only job information but also helpful news and columns,information useful for employment is posted, it is a friendly information site for foreigners.And introduces work in a wide range of fields and introduces part-time jobs as well as full-time jobs.

Jobs Site in Japan for Asian

If you are from China, Korea, or other Asian countries,I also recommend this site to you.
JobsWorld for all of Asia
This site specializes in people in the Asian region who wants to work in Japan.Because the management company of this site carries out recruitment business specialized in the medical industry, medical and welfare-related recruitment occupies the majority.
You can search and apply for job offers yourself, but you can also do employment and career change activities with the support of a dedicated consultant.The management company of this site provides a mail service advising against the doubts and uneasiness you feel about job hunting and career change activities,advising to capture interviews with recruiting companies,and support program for Scout Mail.
This site is a site for people who want to get jobs and change jobs with professional support rather than a site to find job information on their own.

Jobs Site in Japan for Ninja

If you want to work as a ninja,I also recommend this site to you.
Offical full-time Ninja
Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hanzo Hattori Ninja Corps were formed to promote the charm of Aichi Prefecture to domestic and overseas such as "warrior's home and Aichi".It seems that recruitment has already ended, but let 's expect the next recruitment.

2. A great opportunity to work in Japan has arrived.

The number of foreign workers is approximately 1.8 million.The number of it has updated their record high.And the number of companies hiring foreign workers is about 170,000.Also the number of it has updated their record high.(As of the end of October 2016)
By nationality, China is the largest number, about 340,000 (31.8% of the total number of foreign workers). Next, about 170,000 Vietnam (15.9% of the same) and about 120,000 Philippines (11.8% same).
Approximately 330,000 people in Tokyo (30.7% of the total), about 110,000 Aichi (10.2% same), about 60,000 in Kanagawa (5.5% same), about 60,000 in Osaka (5.4% same), Shizuoka Approximately 4,5000 people (4.3% same). The top five prefectures exceed half of the total.
Manufacturers are the most common business establishments that employ foreign workers and foreign workers.The manufacturing industry accounts for 31.2% of the total number of foreign workers, accounting for 23.5% of the business establishments that employ foreign workers.
However, the composition ratio of the manufacturing industry has decreased compared to the previous year, while the construction industry, accommodation industry, food service service, wholesale business, and retail industry are on the increase.

3. Did you find a jobs in Japan that you are interested in?

Foreigners have been commonly referred to as quite is difficult to work in Japan.However,in fact,the number of foreigners who work in Japan is increasing. So I believe that you will certainly have that opportunity.Even if you have no experience or ability to work in Japan, please do not give up.
Educational background and experience in your home country may be utilized. It is also important whether you can work with Japanese. Even if you do not have the job skills, if you can use Japanese, you can expand the range of choices you can choose.
However, even some people who are not confident in Japanese may be hired by being a foreigner depending on the company. Even if you need to use Japanese in order to work, if you improve your Japanese while working,there is no problem.
I hope that the day you will be working in Japan.I wish you good luck.